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player attracion

increase player ATTRACTION


player retention

boost player retention



regain control OVER black marKet

Stop Game Account Reselling

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generate new revenues


Playing Video Games With Headset

Some additional benefits


Build secondary market to lift up primary market sales


Increase customers' in-game Average Spending by up to 25%


Esports monetization via in-game merchandising


Revival of a declining or inactive game: transform your item into collectibles

Features For Publishers

Item Catalog Management

Ledger Management

Transaction Management

Custom Market Rules

  Developer Portal


How it works


Global Marketplace

  • Turn-key solution, go live today

  • Integrate via REST API

  • Commission revenue sharing

  • No integration fees

  • Accessible via PC, Mobile

White Label

  • Customized to fit your game

  • Integrate inside game ecosystem or in game client

  • Monthly fees based on volume

  • No integration fees

  • Accessible via PC, Mobile, Consoles


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"Building the future of gaming monetization, together"

Who we are
Our Story

Founded in 2020 after 2 years of incubation at AXA, we built the first platform after having met with hundreds of players, game publishers and studios for a best solution.

Our Vision

To empower players to buy and sell the virtual items, skins, cards, bought in-game without having to resort to black market, we are building the future in collaboration with publishers.

Our Technology

Playthora is powered by proprietary APIs and enhanced with its economic and legal framework adapted for local markets and different games.

Why working with us
get started

Save up to 2 years of development time

A turn-key solution with legal clearance

Built-in anti-fraud and anti-money laundering

keep control

You keep control of your IP

You decide which items are available on secondary market

They trust us
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playthora?

Playthora helps game makers to build an in-game secondary market in a closed and controlled environment; allowing players to buy and sell virtual items between them in Game Currency.

What can I do with Playthora’s solution?

Playthora's white-label SaaS offers an end-to-end platform to manage item catalog, transactions and storefront with easy integration via API. In more details, it consists of:

  • Multiple Ways to Integrate: API, Game Engine, SDK, In-house agent
  • Item Catalog Management
  • Ledger Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Custom Market Rules For Anti-fraud & AML
  • Developer Portal / Back-office

What is needed in order to integrate your solution?

A video game with in-game item purchases, live or under development. A game system accessible via API.

What is your pricing?

Monthly fee per user who at least made one transaction + Fee per transaction

How long does the integration take? What profiles do I need to mobilize internally?

Weeks or a couple of months, depending on the maturity of the game. Normally it’s very beneficial to onboard the Monetization, Development and LiveOps teams with key decision maker’s (C-level) buy-in.

What game platform is supported?

Primarily on PC at the moment. Mobile/Console games need to be assessed case by case.

I don’t sell in-game items yet, can I still use your solution?

It’s important to think ahead of the game. Playthora can advise you on building a tailored in-game purchase strategy.

Is your solution working with NFTs?

Playthora can adapt to your specific needs and is compatible with the NFT/Blockchain technology.

What can or can’t I do legally?

There is not really a ‘rule’ for game makers to devise their own secondary market. However in France, it is prohibited to re-sell items obtained from loot boxes for gains.

What are my responsibilities vs. Playthora’s?

You are responsible for the business model and overall UX of your game, as well as full control over market rules and ownership of IP and player-related data. Playthora is responsible for the core technology stack powering the secondary market functions.

What are the benefits of a secondary market for virtual items in my game?

It is a great way to improve player experience, increase sales of in-game purchases and retain players longer.